Family gatherings are important for you and your children to create, nourish and strengthen important relationships with extended members of your family. It does not have to be an elaborate gathering, it can be as simply as all meeting up to watch a child’s sporting event or hanging out for a few hours on the couch, listening to each other, sharing laughs and swapping stories.

The relationships with our extended family should be stronger than our relationship with friends. People will forever come into, and leave our lives and while we do drift apart and may relocate in different areas than our family members, it is important to stay connected.

Family reunions are greats ways gather everyone together, get re-connected and can be alot of fun. Both of my parents come from large families and while I don’t have a close knit relationship with many of my cousins, I like knowing where I come from and family reunions are a great way to reconnect to distant family members.

We are also in the technology age, so learn ways to stay in contact via the computer. There are sites out there like skype that allow you to talk on the computer and see the other person. This is another great way to stay in touch and catch up, while having a slightly more intimate conversation. It is so easy to do and it can mean so much to the person you are reaching out to.

Don’t be afraid to be the one to reach out and make ways to allow your family to get together. Children’s sports activities are a great way to pull people out to watch, visit and make a few hours available for the family.

Establishing a better relationship with extended family members does not require a great deal of energy. Finding ways to have family gatherings will leave a lasting impression and it will give your child a chance to get to know their family background, where their family comes from and build lasting relationships.