Got Caught Up in the Flooding in South Texas

I was really unfortunate to pick a really bad day to get down here to my new place of employment. I knew it was going to rain today, that was obvious, and I knew that it was going to be pretty bad as well. However I had no clue that it was going to be a serious flood event while I was down here trying to get settled in. I had planned to spend the day looking for Corpus Christi TX apartments and trying to find a place that was affordable. I need to get things sorted out and make it ready. Jean is not going to be coming down here for a little while. She is back in Carrolton TX finishing out the school year and for the time being she is going to be staying with her Mom in Lewisville. When she is finished with the year she shall come down here and join me. We do not think it will be a big deal for her to find another teaching job down here.

Of course I was not able to get anything done really. I realized that it was not going to be safe for me to try to move around with so much flooding and eventually I just found a sports bar and hung out there. I did not drink anything, because I was really hoping that it would get safe for me to finish the stuff that I needed to do. I ordered some food and I started to eat really slow. In the meanwhile I watched TV. They had rugby on the TV, of course that was the only sports that was on right then. I had no idea what was going on, but it really looked as though those guys should have been wearing helmets.