It’s exciting when kids activities have evolved from a child’s thought or interpretation. When you witness a child observe something within his or her environment, takes it and makes it into a learning experience it shows just how creative children can be when given an opportunity.

Sometimes children do this to learn more about what they are seeing and figuring things out through play, while sometimes it’s something that they recall enjoying and express a desire to experience it again.

Have you ever watched a child, in wonder, as he or she reinvent their world or act out other people’s activities? Think of how you supported this and how it made that child feel that you were interested.

There are ways we as adults can take his or her ideas and give ways for there to be further exploration. We can create videos from still pictures to recreate and show children, we can observe them and give them different opportunities to explore, discover and recreate their interests.

Like with everything, it’s important to remember that no two children are alike. They will experience and take in the same information and find their own unique way to express what they see. I am going to share some exciting moments where children have come up with some extremely creative learning opportunities, ways that I have encouraged their ideas and supported their learning. I hope that these articles will make you smile, laugh and understand how much potential young children have when their ideas are supported.

If you have any special moments of kids activities I encourage you to share with the readers at active parenting tips. Together we can learn and share and inspire each other to continue giving children every opportunity available to encourage their learning.