PARENTING PROGRAMS: programs and courses for parents and caregivers

Being a parent does not come with a training manual. Parenting programs and courses are a great way to gather parenting tips and advice from professionals on many different topics and issues you may be needed some extra support with.

From time to time, parents may choose to attend classes or programs that help them learn parenting skills. There are many places that offer classes that assist parents, some of them often for little or no cost.

If you are interested in taking a parenting class, here are some people or places to look to for information on what may be available:

1. Your gym can help if you are pregnant and wanting a few classes on exercises suitable while pregnant.

2. Your Ob can recommend parenting classes for new parents. These classes can teach things from diapering skills to different ways to use relaxation techniques and stress management for yourself when your baby won’t stop crying.

3. Red Cross offers child safe first aid that will give you the confidence in how to deal with a variety of first aid procedures you will want to know.

4.Your Pediatrician/GP may be able to suggest programs that will help with positive parenting skills and health eating for toddlers and children.

5.Community Education Programs are adult education courses offered in the evening. In addition to classes on art, computer and language skills, they often will hold classes on parenting classes.

6.Places of Worship often offer classes and programs for parents or can give suggestions on where to look.

7. Online will give you many lists of classes that can help you learn parenting tips and skills or you can even do them from the comfort of your home.

Parenting programs and classes are made to help parents deal with challenges they come across when dealing with their child or teen. These programs will teach parents how they will best be able to handle the situation.