Searching for Ways to Cut My Bills

I have been thinking about this for some time, mostly I am searching for ways to cut my bills and looking at in practical terms. There are some things which I can hope to reduce my monthly expenditure upon and other things which are not going to be up for negotiation. For instance I have Comcast cable in Springfield MA. I can find something cheaper or I could just dispense with paying for TV service all together. There is nothing to say that you have to have paid TV, although like most people I want it. It is not as big of a deal at this time of the year as it would be when my favorite sports are in season, but they will be playing football and basketball rather soon. I figure that I could just cut off my cable and then make a deal with one of the satellite providers right before they kick off at the start of September.

Replacing my Internet is going to be the real issue. I get that in a bundle with my cable TV and the only issue that I have with it is the price. I do not think that you can get any service which is better than it in my location. There is not any true competition for the cable company around here, only people who provide inferior internet service for less money. I would love it if we could get one of those fiber optic services like the one which you can get from AT&T. That really beats anything you can get from anyone around here and I would love to have that option. I can get a lot of different DSL plans, but none of them look like they really provide you with a good high speed internet service.