Tattoos Just Add to My Confidence

I know that I am going to shock a lot of people when I go back for my class reunion this year. The last time most of them saw me, I was an overweight kid who was kind of shy. I changed though. I am fit now, and I have the confidence of ten men. I think what may also shock them is the tattoo sleeve that I now have. It is really what has helped me gain that much confidence. I was always living for other people, and wanting their approval.

When I stopped doing that, I realized I was much happier. I joined a gym and lost 50 pounds, and I started lifting weight to have the muscle that I do now. I also started getting tattoos because I love the self expression that is seen in them. I wanted something that represented strength on me, so I chose animals. I started with a tiger on my left arm, but it has grown to include an entire jungle of animals on both arms now. I have only gone to one tattoo shop because they are the best of the best.

I have seen work done by other tattoo artists, and they are just not as good as what I have. It takes someone who has a lot of patience along with creativity to create something so amazing. It also takes someone with vision, because even I could not predict where this was going to go. I listened to the ideas that my tattoo artist had though, and I really liked them. He has created masterpieces on me, and they actually give me even more strength in being true to myself. I hope I do shock a lot of people, because I want others to know that they can change too!